Blue Card Policy

Before Merit Badge College

The scout's name, the merit badge, Troop, District, Council, and appropriate signatures must be on the card before it can be accepted by MBC staff. No extra blue cards will be available from the MBC staff. If, for some reason, a scout is enrolled in a class and does not provide a blue card, we cannot award a completed merit badge or partial to the scout for any reason.

Troops will also be sent a list of prerequisites for all of the merit badges after registration and classes have been set.

During Merit Badge College

At the beginning of every period, counselors will receive a "class packet," which includes attendance and a requirement listing. These class packets, including all blue cards, will be picked up at the end of each period. Class attendance will be taken daily. The completed requirements for each scout will be listed on the attendance sheet and is the responsibility of the merit badge counselor to fill out after each class period.

After Merit Badge College

After the final session, counselors must return all complete (finished or partial) blue cards to the Merit Badge College Committee immediately after completion of their last class. Troop Contacts will receive blue cards through mail from the Merit Badge College Committee after all records are completed, which is usually within one month of the last date of MBC.

Counselor Record

If the merit badge has been completed, the counselors are expected to keep the counselor section of the blue card for at least 1 year.


If the merit badge has not been fully completed, and a partial is being granted, the blue card must be returned whole with the counselor portion still attached and the completed requirements initialed. Epsilon Tau Pi will retain records detailing requirements earned by each scout.